Monday, May 16, 2011

A Girl Can Dream…


When finding a place to live a girls most important requirement is closet space. While I may not be able to have the below any time soon, I can still dream it’s possible, right? The closets below are to die for! Which one is your favorite?

Crisp, clean and organized

White 2WhiteWhite3

Black cabinets – so glam and moody!

Black CabinetsBlack Cabinets2

These tufted walls are amazing

Tufted Walls

Love the black chandelier and zebra rug


This one just seems so cheery and organized

Colorful Closet

And now two uber glam closets…


A fireplace…seriously?

Glam ClosetGlam Closet2

And how could I discuss closets without featuring THE closet…Carrie did it best.


Carrie’s Closet – The Sequel


Another personal celebrity favorite – Nicky Hilton’s closet

Nicky Hilton

All images via Pinterest

And of course an outfit I wish lived in my dream closet

Fantasy World

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  1. so many choices, it is hard for a girl to decide. Will we not have fun planning and building your closet some day. :)