Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Travel Chic


I found the Elysian hotel in Chicago over a year ago and it still hasn’t left my mind. As most globetrotters who share an affinity for design we gravitate towards the more boutique hotels with a character all their own. Sadly, more often than not translate to a higher price tag. Nonetheless, they are still beautiful to look at, even when my odds of staying there are slim. But a girl can dream…

The Entrance


The guest rooms kill me…modern glamour at it’s finest and in close proximity to Barneys apparently


Carrera marble in the bathrooms? Yes, please!


The gray, the black, the velvet…LOVE.


If this ballroom existed in Dallas, our reception would definitely be here. Those chandeliers are dynamite.


All images via The Elysian Hotel

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  1. beautiful, love the little splashes of color!!